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سوف "نصنع عالمًا من الاختلاف".  نحن فخورون بتقديم عروضنا التقديمية وورش العمل الجديدة الخاصة بالفصول الدراسية التي ستمكن الطلاب من البناء على العمل المنجز في الماضي. سيسمح ذلك بمزيد من الفحص للقوالب النمطية ، وتحدي افتراضاتهم ، وتزويدهم بالأدوات التي قد يحتاجونها لتطوير فهم أفضل لقيمة مجتمعنا الكندي المتنوع والدور الذي يلعبونه فيه.

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العروض المدرسية وورش العمل

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Hey teachers and schools!

The "Valuing Our Differences" presentation covers:


Who is the workshop for?

Our workshops are being offered to all teachers and students of middle schools and high schools throughout Greater Saint John.

What does the workshop include?

The workshop delivery meets the needs of various learning styles. A Power Point presentation, open dialogue and engaging activities for participants challenge the assumptions that often lead to stereotypes and discrimination. Teachers and students are asked for reflective feedback on the content, which is valuable for moving forward in addressing issues that may arise in the future.

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White Structure

River Valley Middle School

Harbour View High School

MacDonald Consolidated

Simonds High School

St Stephen High School

Forest Hills School


Saint John the Baptist King Edward

Forest Hills School Grades Kindergarten to 5

St Malachy’s High School

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